10 Most Popular Places to Retire in Europe


So, I take it that you are quite familiar with the current trend of retiring overseas? Well, the thing is, given the current socioeconomic condition, you ought to be doing rather well if you were to retire in a quiet and calm European country. Many US citizens have already packed their bags and have settled in several European countries in the last decade or so, in fact, finding an American community in some European country is not that far-fetched at all. As people are leaving for Europe, and naturally they like to live in close proximity to other American citizens as well. If you are in the process of deciding which European country would be best for you to settle in after retirement, the following article will help you a great deal in making that decision. As our researchers have done a lot of work putting together the list of most popular places for retirees in Europe. Also, if you have not retired yet, but in a couple of years will, the list holds good news for you too. Unfortunately, in this short intro I cannot give you further details, but I can definitely point you in the right direction.

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