Since you have indeed shown interest in the article in the first place, I can surely assume that you are somewhat familiar with the concept and premise of TED talks. Well, that may very well be the case, but I feel a little obligated to speak a few words about TED talks before we get going. TED is an abbreviation of the words, Technology, Education and Design. This basically is a form of open discussion of ideas, concepts and new things that can have great implications in our lives if done correctly. Thanks to the development of the internet, today TED talks have gained unimaginable popularity and fame and also the language barrier preventing people who were not English speakers has been eliminated completely. People from all over the world now can understand and participate in such talks via the internet. TED talks have been around for a while now, it has been in mainstream media for over thirty years, but it never has been able to reach as large a demographic as it does today. We have done some research on our part to get an article going in the subject, as you explore our full article you will be able to learn more.

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