Be it hockey or basketball or even soccer, and these days even cricket vigorously employ the services of the cheerleaders to spice up the game and provide distraction from those obvious dull moments in a regular game. That being said, being a professional cheerleader is not quite the lucrative career everyone is after, because on an average a cheerleader would make about a 100 to 150 dollars per game. But, what the admiration and attention that comes with the job is definitely worth it. Well, money is not everything in life after all.  Today we will be talking about some of the most prestigious cheerleading squads of all time. Alongside looking awesome a cheerleading squad also acts as a moral boost for their team. And a moral boost at s crucial time of a game can be quite the deciding factor. And we have dug up relevant information regarding cheerleading groups from various reliable sources, and have managed to rank them up in accordance to their reputation. You can read all about our research methodology and the sources that we have employed in the full article.

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