10 Most Prestigious Movie Awards Around The World


Ever since the technology came about, movies have dominated the entertainment industry. And even in this time and age, the top spot still belongs to the movies. Even though, we now possess much more interactive forms of entertainment, such as video games and internet based media, but from the looks of it, the film industry will continue to dominate the world of entertainment for the foreseeable future. It is only fitting that the people, not just the actors, but the entire workforce behind a film be honored for their hard work in providing us with great movies from time to time. Yes, not every movie that has been made is a legend. But, there are many movies that redefined storytelling and won over billions of fans worldwide. To celebrate such great movies, every year all over the world, many award ceremonies are conducted. Some are rather small and humble, but some are huge both in scope and scale. Some film awards are so influential that, winning such awards can make or break careers. If you are a movie enthusiast, which you definitely are, then you are going to enjoy the following article quite a lot.

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