10 Most Profitable Companies in India


India has one of the most rapidly growing economy in the region. After its independence, India underwent a lot of political and economic turmoil, however for the past few decades India’s growth has been pretty rapid and extraordinary. The companies we are going to talk about today are certainly worthy of being called the most profitable companies of the country. Although, their profitability may lag behind their western counterparts, but for a country in Asia, these companies are really doing well. Specially compared to other countries in the region, India is really progressing as a nation. If the opportunity arises, you might as well consider investing in one of the companies that made our list today. The Indian home market is massive, that much has to said. There are over one billion people who call India their home. I mean, just imagine how massive the market is. Grabbing hold of a sizeable market share can ensure a lot of cash inflow and profit. However, the consumer mentality in India is very different than the west. The average Indian consumer is budget minded and would rather not have something than pay more than absolutely necessary. This makes marketing something quite challenging in India.

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