10 Most Profitable Crimes to Commit


Short of cash? Keen on crime? Well, in that case, Insider Monkey is giving you a list of 10 most profitable crimes to commit!

Who says crime doesn’t pay? It surely does, and it pays off in millions and billions of American dollars. Intrigued? Money makes the world go round, and the world of crime is no exception to that rule. Surely you don’t think all those criminal acts would be happening just because someone feels like it? No, we’re talking big bucks here. Despite the fact that some people turned to crime because the very nature of it appealed to them, the main motive behind all that is the same as with any honest job – getting those green bills. However, those who start thinking how to start a life of crime haven’t become rich the regular way usually due to, what they would like to call, “some circumstances”.

Insider Monkey is giving you the list of the most profitable types of crime in the world. We could say there is something for everyone. Sometimes your merchandise is going to be things, and sometimes, people.  The profits are shocking, and what is more, you aren’t paying any taxes on it! If you aren’t that ambitious or corrupted, you’ll also find the links for best illegal hustles to make money fast, or easiest frauds to make and earn some serious money.

There’s also the possibility you’re reading this just for fun (and we hope you are). Either way, 10 most profitable crimes to commit is an interesting and eye-opening read.