10 Most Racist Countries in Asia


This is an extremely unpleasant subject to talk about. Racism is evil, I just cannot understand why this is so difficult for people to understand this simple thing to boot. The color or nationality of person implies just that, a color or nationality, assuming anything else about the person based on these is stupid. More over, thinking someone is superior or inferior based on race is even more stupid. Unfortunately, racism is still very much alive in the world today. When it comes to racism and hate crimes, we look at Europe and the United States, however Asia is not free from racism either. This will become evident as we progress through the article. As I said before, the topic is not pleasant to talk about. But, if we do not talk about unpleasant things, we will never be able to raise awareness against such evil as racism. This is why our researchers put in the effort to complete this article, and now we want to share our findings with our readers. As you already know, this is merely a short intro, and I cannot go to further details here. Therefore, allow me to show you how to access the full article.

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