10 Most Racist European Countries towards Muslims


After the horrific events of 9/11 the world as we knew it had changed significantly. Given the magnitude and devastation of this event and its adverse effect on millions of lives around the world, that is to be expected. An entire religion has been blemished as a result, to some extent, the media is responsible for it as well. Following this incident, Muslims have been suffering greatly in countries where they count as minorities. There is a widespread misconception among people, that every Muslim is a terrorist, and they behave towards Muslims as such. Mostly in the western hemisphere countries Muslims are being subjected to racism. Today we will be talking about this melancholy topic, and if you happen to be a Muslim, it would be wise of you to learn about 10 Most Racist European Countries towards Muslims. So that, if you stumble upon one such country in the future, you can be prepared for what might happen. The sole purpose of this article is to raise awareness, not spreading hate or despair. So, if you are a Muslim or have a Muslim friend you care about, please spread the word.

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