10 Most Remote Inhabited Islands in the World


Our planet is not the biggest in our solar system, but it has a pretty good surface area, however most of it covered by water. And in between vast oceans, there are countless islands. As resourceful as we humans are, we have learned to make, use and thrive in whatever little we get from nature, and inhabited these little islands. Well, most inhabited islands, not very far from a major land mass, and these islands usually serve as exciting tourist spots, but there are exceptions. And if you want to know about these remote, but inhabited islands, then I suggest that you stick around. Because we are about to embark on a remarkable journey through the seven seas in search of these lonely little places that people call home. Island life could be pretty exciting if it is within a short distance from civilization, but things can get pretty difficult when you have to travel at least a thousand kilometers to see signs of civilization. But yet people have inhabited these stretches of lands. No, we are not talking about Robinson Crusoe, these islands actually support entire communities, but these islands are just located very far away.

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