10 Most Socially Responsible Companies in The US


CSR or corporate social responsibility is absolutely necessary for any company that wish to make a positive impact on society. The modern free market economy is quite dependent on successful companies. These companies generate billions of dollars worth of business, and generate thousands of jobs. Without these companies the society would plunge into chaos in an instant. However, just being there are conducting successful business operations does not make a company great. How a successful company treats it’s loyal customers and the community play a great role in making companies even more successful. Every year companies make a lot of money for its shareholders. It is only natural that it should give some of it back to the community. It helps the company to build a good public image and brand value. However, unfortunately not every successful company subscribes to this notion. While the sole purpose for a business organization is to make profit, but humanity should always come first and the companies that do put the human factor upfront, tend to do much better in the competition. Today we will talk about the most socially responsible companies in the United States.

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