10 Most Successful Coolest New Indie Games of 2016


Video games have become a mainstay when it comes to personal entertainment. The video game has overtaken Hollywood in terms of finance and scope. Not just the youth, but almost people from every demographic nowadays enjoy playing video games. Since the advent of smartphones and modern computers, there is no longer a need for owning dedicated video game consoles, and this broadened the scope of the video game market many folds. Naturally more and more talented people started developing video games, there are several big video game publishers out in the market, but today we will talk about indie games. Or games that are being published and developed by independent developers. These projects often employ some form of crowdfunding method to continue development, and thus the group of backers can have a greater influence over the game development process. But, how indie game development happens is a topic for another day, let us get back to our topic, which is the most indie games of this year. If you like indie games, then you will most certainly enjoy our main article. Without further ado, let me point you in the right direction.

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