To understand the interesting dynamics of businesses in the USA, one needs to know which immigrants in America own the most successful companies.

The USA has always been a dream location for immigrants with big dreams. Many have come to this country in search of a better future. Statistically, immigrants have been more entrepreneurial in nature than the native-born people. But, a few have truly managed to stand out in the crowd. Many of them were fleeing from persecution in their home countries and made the USA their refuge. Most of entrepreneurs have found success in either the investment industry or the technology sector. Apart from launching highly renowned business ventures, these individuals have also managed to make their place among the richest of the world. More than one-tenth of the Forbes 400 list comprises immigrants and a few of them are near the top too. Israeli Mickey Arison’s Carnival Corp is now the largest cruise ship company of the world. Pierre Omidyar, a French by birth, is the co-founder of eBay. Hungary’s George Soros and Thomas Peterffy owns the renowned Soros Fund Management and Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. respectively. Everyone knows that the owner of the Fox Media Group is Rupert Murdoch, but not everyone knows that he is originally from Australia. We have multiple representatives from South Africa too. Patrick Soon-Shiong is a big name in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry and everyone knows Elon Musk for launching PayPal and for currently pushing human imagination with Tesla Motors and SpaceX. But the most successful is Russia’s Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google. With a net worth of nearly $40 billion, he is currently the President of Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company.

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