10 Most Successful Kickstarter Games of All Time


Our today’s topic is a very interesting one. As the name of the title suggests, we are going to talk about the most successful games that employed the services of kickstarter.com for their development process. The interesting thing is, that we will take both tabletop physical games alongside video games. Yes, if you are either a fan of tabletop board games or video games, you are going to have a fun time reading through the main article. When it comes to video games, developers working with reputed game publishers do not get to do what they really want to do with their game. Since the game publishers want to make profit, and are naturally risk averse, they do not like venturing into uncharted territories. And a Kickstarter campaign grants the developers the freedom to explore new things and experiment with their project. And when it comes to board games, they have already become somewhat of a niche product, board games do have a dedicated fan base, but investing in a board game these days is not a commercially viable project. This is why people with unique board game ideas go to kickstarter.com in order to secure funding for their project.

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