10 Most Successful Mobile Games of All-Time


From the advent of the first smartphones, it was quite apparent that talking on the go was not the only feature of mobile phones anymore. In fact, they have transformed into something far more powerful and capable. Over the years, smartphone manufacturers have made significant development to this tiny yet very powerful computer. And today’s smartphones are more comparable to computers that phones. Naturally, video game developers took advantage of this amazing platform, and published amazing games over the years. And some of them have achieved immense success, sometimes comparable to major AAA titles for game consoles and PCs. If you like to play video games on your smartphone, then you must have come across a couple of them for sure. But do you know the full list of most successful smartphone exclusive games? Some of these smartphone games have been so successful that they have been ported to other systems as well. Take candy crush for example, it started out as a humble smartphone puzzle game, but its fan following forced its developers to publish it on PC as well. If you are enthusiastic about video games in general, you are going to love the main article.

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