In modern times we are used to slam the word piracy mainly on unauthorized distribution and modification of intellectually property. However, there was a time when the very word pirate struck fear into the hearts of the seafaring men and women. Well, if your idea of a historical pirate comes from watching movie series like the pirates of the Caribbean, then you are in for a surprise my friend. The life of a real pirate was far from what Jack Sparrow played by the talented actor Johnny Depp would have you believe. There was nothing romantic about the life of a real pirate. There was no guarantee that they would live a long enough life to dwell in their plunders at all. It was the major part of their job description. In our today’s article we will be taking a look at the most successful pirates from the history books and not the movies. If you like pirate stories, especially the true ones, then the list I am about to mention is for you. Pirates were not technically heroes either, they were the meanest bunch of their time.

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