10 Most Successful Top Chef Contestants: Where Are They Now?


Television plays a major role in personal entertainment. There is a plethora of shows that people can enjoy on the hundreds of channels available to them. However, the appeal of a reality TV show is very high. Regardless of the subject matter, the reality shows are often considered as the main source of income for TV channels. The contestants of these TV shows get a huge amount of exposure and even if they do not manage to win the season, they often become celebrities in their own right, after participating in such reality shows. Today, we are going to take a look at the contestants of “Top Chef” a very famous American reality TV competition show and its most successful contestants. Of course the winners of “Top Chef” gets a considerable amount of money as a prize, but the exposure that they get is the main key to their success after the show. If you have been an avid audience of this reality TV show, then the names on this list will definitely seem familiar to you. It is possible that you are wondering what happened to the finalists and the winners, well if you read through the full article, you will learn about some of them for sure.

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