10 Most Tolerant Countries in the World


Hatred is a rather detrimental emotion for mankind. The hatred has spawned countless crimes against humanity, and if we actually take a moment to think, we will find that the feeling of hate toward someone who is just different from us is so hollow. God created all of humanity equally, who are we to judge and discriminate. As long as one’s life choices do not put another into danger, I personally think that people are entitled to a right of choice. But sadly, even today, in this era of free thinking and acceptance, people are being judged and hated, just for being what they really are. Racism is still a burning issue for humanity, and as long as these issues exist, we will never be able to move forward. Judging someone for their skin color or sexual orientation is just simply wrong and unacceptable, and thankfully, many countries around the world are rising up to these sentiments and becoming tolerant of such things. If anything this is a good sign, a sign of hope and progression for humankind. Hopefully more and more countries will follow the footsteps of the 10 Most Tolerant Countries in the World. And in the near future, racism will be nothing more than a bad memory.

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