10 Part-Time Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour


I am going to assume straight away that you are a student, and since the summer vacation is going on, you would like to make some quick bucks to help with your pocket money. Or perhaps, you are looking to buy something, and you would not want to bother your parents with it. Either way, the jobs that we are going to talk about today, will definitely help you achieve your objective. As you can see from the title, all of these jobs pay a minimum of 20 dollars an hour, which is substantial now matter how you look at it. Meaning that if you work 4 full hours a day, you will end up with 80 dollars. Now you do the maths, and see how many days you need to put into it for achieving your objective. Also, these are going to be essentially part time jobs, meaning that you will also have flexibility in terms of working hours, which is great for a student. You will have enough time on hand to keep up with your studies as well as making some extra money. I am sure you already know that this is merely a intro, and if you wish to read up more on the matter, then you will have to read the full article. Let me show you where you how to access the full article.

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