10 Professions with Highest Rate of Domestic Violence



This is your mum told you not to hook up with, or “which professions to avoid if you don’t wish to become a psychopath”. In other words, here are 10 professions with highest rate of domestic violence.

Let us first inform you Insider Monkey isn’t going to bore you with the typical domestic violence facts. There have been a lot of studies and research on the topic, but there is hardly any reliable research about which occupations are the riskiest when it comes to abuse within one’s home. Surely, there are plenty of articles that deal with the topic of how conditions at home affect your working performance. However, the number of those tackling the connection between domestic violence and professions is minimal. The data is usually too vague, and everybody is avoiding to publicly pinpoint what kind of jobs are victims or abusers most likely to have. On the other hand, Insider Monkey has tackled this pressing issue.

The research conducted ended with a list of professions which belong to the people who are most likely to be abusers or victims. Admittedly, they focused only on female victims due to the fact they are more affected by domestic violence than male victims. This is not to say male victims should be neglected, but the data is much harder to find since the majority of them chooses to remain silent and not report the abuser.

Also, you’ll see that one job actually belongs to both the victims and abusers. A death trap, one might say.

Therefore, get ready for some surprises because you know nothing is as it seems. Insider Monkey is giving you some hard facts on 10 professions with highest rate of domestic violence.