10 Rainiest Cities in the US in 2017


How well do you think you know the US? Are you sure you can name at least one from 10 rainiest cities in the US in 2017? Prepare to be very surprised.

Living in one of the rainiest cities in the world can have its perks and benefits. You’re most probably not that affected by the weather, and the overcast sky doesn’t make you sleepy because it’s just another ordinary day for you and your fellow citizens. You’d be surprised how much people from warmer or sunnier areas tend to whine about the slightest drizzle. Therefore, it could be said that you’re in luck! Also, it’s not as if you’re living in one of the cities with most rainy days in the world! Find out how fortunate you are by reading this article about 10 cities with most rainy days in the world. It’s not just about the annual amount of rain, but the number of rainy days per year. That means waking up to a lot of grey mornings. The article also gives you the answer to what is the rainiest place in the world, which is far from the US.

Insider Monkey’s article about the 10 rainiest cities is also very practical. You have the rainiest month given for each city, so you’ll know when to travel (or not). The cities are ranked according to their precipitation in the period between January 1st and December 31st, but you can also see what is their average annual rainfall. Some of the cities were quite a surprise in that aspect last year. What is more, there’s one favorite holiday destination famous for beautiful beaches and sunny weather. Indeed, it is on the list, and it ranks pretty high on it, too!

Intrigued yet? Go ahead and read which cities to avoid in certain months in 10 rainiest cities in the US in 2017.