10 Richest Cities in the United States


Would you like to read about the richest cities in the United States? If so, we present you with a great compilation, based on Insider Monkey’s latest article. What makes a city rich? There are several factors, such as high incomes, good job possibilities, strong tourism industry, wide range of cultural opportunities, excellents education and many others.

America is know as the land of opportunities, and in one hand it’s true. If you have a great idea, you work industriously and have luck, you can be a millionaire or billionaire. If you remember the beginning of Apple, Google, Amazon, or Facebook, these companies grew from the garage, and now they are incredibly lucrative companies with unbelievable total revenues year by year. For instance, founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezo owns a net worth of $175 billion currently, which is – actually more than many countries have.

We can see that the wealth distribution is not equal in America, either. The 40% of all wealth is held by only 1% of Americans, but I don’t think it would be a surprise. Throughout the whole history of humanity there have been extremely rich and wealthy people, while there have existed poor social strata as well. I am not saying it’s all right, but I do think we shouldn’t yearn that of a large fortune, as it’s burthen than advantage.

Which cities do you think are the richest ones? You will get to know if keep up reading. We have picked up two of the cities from the compliation, as usual. California-Lexington Park, MD Metro Area stands on the tenth spot, as of 2018 the median salary in the city was $92,250, while in 2019 it decreased, as it was $87,947. Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk, CT Metro Area can boast with the respectable fifth place on the list, with a median salary of $91,079 in 2018, while it increased in 2019, as the median salary was $97,053. If you are thinking of moving to a city where you can find better jobs with higher income, these two cities are highly recommended. If yoy want to gain further useful information, please click the richest cities in the United States.