So you would like to have a witty, brief and yet working dating profile? Great! We are here to show you Insider Monkey’s latest article of the short dating profile examples for males. Checking out lists like this, means saving some time. And if something has already worked for somebody, why shouldn’t it do for you, right?

Not so long ago, people met at dancing clubs, matrimonial agancies and various social events. Nowdays, everybody prefers online dating sites, that’s why they are so popular. Signing up them, you can search easily and quickly among the potential applicants, and can decide fast. There are dating apps, where you really don’t have to do anything else, just to swipe left or right. What else could be even easier and faster?

After all this introduction, you must be eager to know which are the hottest dating profile examples. We have picked up three examples from Insider Monkey’s compilation. They don’t have any speacial places on the list, all of them are great and believe us, they will work! At first, here’s a really short and brief one: “Frequent flyer. Finance exec. Decent surfer. What’s your story?” It’s a very good idea to list your routine and life, nowadays people don’t like reading too much. So keep off typing a novel about yourself. A brief funny list will do. The second one on our short list is “The hallmark of a good relationship is …Being honest.” Yeah, it’s true… Being honest is among the most essential things in any relationships. And what’s left for today? This one: “Outdoorsy, adventurous, but also ready to sit on the couch and watch Netflix while eating junk food. I’ve been called a science nerd but look forward to a fresh opinion.” Great one, as you show that you can enjoy both sides of life: you like ourdoor programs, but you appreciate relaxing at home. If you want to gain more witty ideas, please jump to the list of the short dating profile examples for males.


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