10 Smartphones with Highest Megapixel Camera


Smartphone manufacturers are pushing out extremely powerful devices every season. In fact, some smartphones out in the market can easily out perform some full-fledged computers when it comes to raw processing power. However, despite being immensely powerful, we do not always perform processing intensive tasks on our smart handheld devices. The statistics show that apart from talking and texting, the most common use of a smartphone is to capture images. This is why, the camera is always portrayed as a highlight for any given smartphone being released today. Of course, the quality of the image depends on many other things than just the raw number of mega pixels, but the marketing team of some smartphone manufacturers has successfully made us believe that mega pixels are all that counts when it comes to snapping quality photos. I am not saying for a moment that having a higher mega pixel count does not help, it definitely does. I am merely saying that there are other factors that contribute heavily as well. Anyway, in our article today we will bring you a list of smartphones that boast the highest mega pixel counts in the market.

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