There are not many things that can bring together people from different ethnicities, nationalities and religion like music. It easily transcends the language barrier. Someone without any knowledge of a song’s actual lyrics can easily enjoy it seamlessly. Music also has the power to inspire, rejuvenate and raise the morale of the masses. It is a powerful medium that can carry the purest of emotions with grace and brings people together. Today we will be talking about some songs that are so popular that multiple generations of artists have taken it upon themselves to have a go at it, and make a version of their own. These songs have long been the favorite of millions of music lovers, but the thing is, not every remake has been able to do justice to the original. Though we will not be judging which remake was better, rather we will only tank these songs in relation to how many times, these songs had been remade by artists. You will be surprised to know the songs mentioned in lists have more than 200 remakes on an average, however you are likely to know only a handful versions of each song. As I mentioned, most remakes just cannot do justice to the original song and are forgotten over time.

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