10 States that have the Highest Rates of Depression in America


So which are the states that have the highest rates of depression in America? Insider Monkey has recently published a very interesting article about this issue. Depression is a state of low mood and unwilling to do anything. Depression can seriously affect somebody’s motivation, thoughts, behavior, sense of well-being and feelings. The patient may have difficulties in concentrating, thinking, can feel unprovoked sadness, their appetite can significantly increase, or quite to the contrary it decreases suddenly and dramatically. Those, who suffer from depression may feel absolutely hopeless and many times they attempt to commit suicide, which can be successfully done.

Depression can be either short or long term. The person who suffers from this disease, loses interest in activities, which generally bring happiness to other people. Depression is a symptom of some kind of mood disorders, and it is usually a reaction to certain life events, such as losing a beloved one, but it also may be a result- side effect of medical treatments or some drugs, and alcoholism, too. What’s more, depression can also be fatal, as depressed people tend to commit suicide. According to Insider Monkey’s research, there are around quarter of a billion people across the globe who suffer from depression. What’s more frightening that about 75% of these people are not treated at all. Depression is not selective, as even a millionaire can be depressive, and a simple farm worker in Africa can be very happy. What’s sure that depression is much more common in the so-called welfare states than in the third world or in the developing countries. However, do not forget: if you feel depressed, or at least two symptoms mentioned above, turn to the appropriate expert! Believe us, there is help for you!

And now, let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for you. We are giving a brief look into the compilation of states that have the highest rates of depression in America, so for getting more information, please jump to the link. At first, Washington stands on the sixth spot, as 22.23% of the population suffers from depression. Secondly, West Virginia stands higher, as it got the third spot with a really high 23.8% depression rate among the state’s population.