10 States That Have The Most Homeschoolers


You can either like the idea of home schooling or be against it. But the fact remains that the states we are going to talk about have the highest number of homeschoolers. It can also be argued that a lot of talent people call those states their homes, and have been home schooled up to a certain age. Please do not get us wrong, public schools are great, your kid will pick up a lot of things early on by going to a public school that will help them grow as a person. However, for some the stress and the short attention they get from the tutor or teacher is just not enough. Public schools are often crowded and classes are full, so naturally it becomes rather difficult for a teacher to pay a lot of attention to a single student. If you children are okay with that, then public schools are a great place for them. However, if they are not then perhaps home schooling could yield much better results for them. In the end it all depends on the individual and their needs. The article I am referring to is really well put together and full of useful information.

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