10 States with the Easiest Bar Exams to Pass in the US


Unfortunately, not all people are law abiding citizens. And that is why it is essential to uphold the rule of law and protect the innocents from oppression of any kind. While the police may act as the hand of law in the field, but it is the lawyers who help and facilitate justice. For every student of law, it is quit very useful to get the bar exams over with as soon as possible. However, bar exams can be quite difficult. And as things are with education, it costs a lot of money. Also, the exam is only available three times a year. So, you must be completely ready for it before attempting it. The good news is, bar exams tend to vary in level of difficulty from state to state. And it would be rather wise to sit for the bar exam from a state where the exam is comparatively easier. And that is precisely why I am writing this article. We have managed to dig up necessary information to identify and then rank the states which have the easiest bar exams. If you are looking to sit for the bar exam soon, then the list can prove invaluable to you.

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