10 Top Selling Smartphones in US 2015


Ever since the smartphones came around, our entire perception of social interaction changed completely. To keep up a satisfying lifestyle we have to keep busy working. But, without the balance between work and life, without social interaction and spending time with friends and family, we could really suffer. But as things are, for various reasons, people we care about are not always in the same city, we did have the option of calling every once in a while, but it really did not cut it, at least for me. However, the smartphones have set things right for me and I am sure for many of us. We now have various means of interacting with others, like social networking, video conferencing, share images and videos on the go and so on. These are the key reasons behind the unparalleled dominance of smartphones in today’s consumer electronic market.

Well, enough about how important it is to own a smartphone, you probably already knew that. Now a day you can find a smartphone that will fit any budget. There are literally countless options to choose from, and that can create problems for a person looking to buy a new smartphone, especially if he/she has not been following the market for a while. For the convenience of such buyers, we have come up with a list of 10 Top Selling Smartphones in US 2015. Conforming to the theory of democracy, the most sold phones are likely to be the best one. All phones mentioned in the list are pretty much equivalent in performance, but all of them have some unique features that set them apart, click the link to know more about these devices.