10 Universities Offering Free Online Courses


Advancements made in information technology and the internet is reshaping our society and how we used to interact. The education system is no exception either. We do have to maintain a busy schedule to keep up with our ever competitive lifestyle. That sometimes deprives us of the opportunity of having a higher education. Also, it is no secret that education these days can be extremely expensive as well. For some people that is a real issue. But everyone has a right to education, thanks to the internet, to address the issue of time constraints, some universities have been offering online courses and you can actually earn a certificate by completing these courses. Which in turn will definitely add weight to your curriculum vitae. But not all of the courses are free of charge, you still have to pay for taking these course, the advantage of these courses is that, you can take them at a time of your convenience. But as I mentioned earlier, money can be an issue as well. That being said, there are some world famous universities, which are offering free online courses. And these courses do not cost a thing.

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