You might have seen many weird things in your life but do you know about some of the weird subcultures around the world? If you don’t, we’ve something very interesting to share with you today. Insider Monkey has an article ready which has a list of ten weird subcultures around the world. Let’s take a look at Insider Monkey’s list to find out about these subcultures.

Weird subcultures around the world are a relatively new phenomenon in human history. In the past, being different from majority meant exposing oneself to a risk of being expelled from society or even killed. As humans grew more tolerant, the subcultures began developing in many cultures around the world.

Although plenty of groups in our history displayed some elements of subculture, it wasn’t until the after World War 2 that subcultures in a modern sense of a word appeared. From London’s Teddy Boys to various Japanese subcultures, there were few similarities. The groups mainly consisted of young people, feeling estranged from the mainstream society and seeking alternative means of acceptance and sense of belonging. To read more, please visit 10 Weird Subcultures around the World.