11 Airlines With The Worst Safety Records In The Developed World


Air travel has become the primary means of getting from point a to point b these days. I mean, its fast, its convenient and its much safer. Well, that is something the airlines operating all over the world would have us believe. The thing is, air travel has become much safer but it is not completely devoid of risk. Most airlines operating nowadays have a strict policy of operations and they maintain strict regulations so that their operations can be as safe as today’s technology would allow. However enforcing this type of regulations take up a lot of resources and money, thus pushing up the cost of operations and in turn the ticket price. Some airlines even in the most developed countries sometimes skimp on these safety measures, I know it sounds rather strange but it is true. Today, we will talk about a few airlines operating in developed countries that have the worst safety records to date. The scary part is that these airlines operate in the developed countries, where rules and regulations are suppose to be held in high regard. If you are interested to learn about these airlines, which in turn will allow you to steer clear of them when traveling, then keep reading.

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