11 Architectural Wonders That Seem To Defy Gravity


Architecture is not just science, it is rather a perfect blend of both science and art. Architecture has been around, ever since the earliest civilizations started to live in human made shelters rather than in caves and tree tops. Architecture has even become a part of the culture. There are many ancient architectural wonders that boggle the mind of modern scientists, as they seek to discover how those ancient civilizations managed to pull of such a task. For example, just take a look at the Egyptian pyramids. Architects and scientists are still puzzled and unsure, how the ancient Egyptians managed to build such structures with rudimentary tools, and without the help of any machines. But that is the topic for another article. And we will soon cover it in a future article. Let us focus on the topic at hand. Gravity is the most dominant force on planet Earth. Of course it is essential for life to even exist on Earth. But it can also be the villain in certain cases. However, the list that we are about to present to you, contains some examples of extraordinary modern architecture, that seems to defy gravity itself. Of course, in reality the structures do follow all the laws of physics, but they have been rather masterfully designed to give an impression that they do not.

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