11 Armies with the Most Firepower in the World


If you think that the strength of an army comes from is firepower, then you would be only partially correct. Perhaps the most important weapon in the arsenal of an army is moral, the patriotism and dedication of the soldiers themselves. The history of humanity is a history of war and conquest, and in this not so long history of the civilized world, many times heroes have turned the tide of battle while being overwhelmingly outnumbered and outgunned. Armed with their high morale they managed to snatch victory from the clutches of total defeat. But that is a topic for another day. Having greater firepower is indeed necessary in the modern wars. And today we will be talking about some armies that have enough firepower to destroy the entire world if they wished to. And thankfully the leaders of such countries are not warmongers, or else we could have had a serious trouble on our hands. Every military enthusiast would enjoy the article that we managed to conjure up for our readers. For our ranking, we borrowed the help of Global Fire Power a website that ranks countries on the basis of military resources available to them.

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