11 Best Animal Documentaries on Netflix Instant in 2015


Now, if you are a documentary fan, you probably have already watched your fair share of animal documentaries. Nor the subject matter, neither the message that these films convey are nothing new or revolutionary, film makers and naturalists have been making films about the animal kingdom for a very long time. But, this time around, it is the medium which is different, and also the generation which these films are targeted towards. These films are not trying to reinvent the wheel or anything, but are certainly presenting the facts in a completely different manner, much suitable and palatable for the modern audience, who prefers the internet over television and movie theatre. The ranking of such movies that we are going to present to you, is based on research. We, searched through the internet’s most reputable websites to get a grasp of public opinion about these amazing Netflix documentaries. We realized that depending only on IMDb (internet movie database) will not cut it. So, we also explored many other similar websites. Then we compared the data and devised a scoring system, through which we decided the ranking of each documentary.

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