11 Best Art Documentaries on Netflix Instant in 2015


For people living in North and South America, and also people living in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and parts of Europe, Netflix has become a household name. Netflix Inc. is an international provider of on-demand Internet streaming media and also DVD by mail. Though the company stated its journey in the year 1997 but its subscription based services started in 1999. And only after 10 years in the year 2009 it had more than 10 million subscribers. And as of October 2015, Netflix reported 69.17 million subscribers worldwide. That is clearly indicative of the company’s growth potential. And when an entertainment medium grows this fast, you will not go wrong to bet in its favor, and say that Netflix has a lot of quality material to offer to its views. And some of the content is Netflix exclusive. Today, we are going to talk about some of these Netflix exclusive material. A few days back we also did something similar, but back then we focused on the best Netflix documentaries on animals, and today we will present you with the list of bet Netflix documentaries on art. Though the subject matter may be a deal breaker for some, but year for art lovers, these documentaries hold great promise.

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