11 Best Cities To Live For People With Asthma


If you do not have asthma you will never understand how difficult it can be to just draw breath. Its exactly like plugging your nostrils with your fingers and then trying to breath, when you are having an asthma attack. Sorry for being a little graphic, but this is how it is when you have asthma. Thankfully, medical science has advanced enough to provide us with treatments and remedies for this deadly disease. On the other hand, the more advancements we make, the more we pollute our environment. It seems that there is a strong positive correlation between development and environmental pollution. I mean, we primarily use fossil fuel to power our vehicles and machinery, and when we burn fossil fuel we create and release a lot of harmful chemicals into the environment. Specially the cities have the most polluted air, as there are not enough greenery around to purify the atmosphere around the cities. If you have asthma, breathing the polluted air could cause you serious problems. It is best to live in a place where the polluted air will not trigger an asthma attack. Today in our article, we will try to give you a list of such cities.

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