11 Best Countries in Beauty Pageants


We have been obsessed with beauty ever since the dawn of humanity. It is in our genetic coding to seek out and admire beauty. So, naturally beauty contests and pageants are quite popular events. Not just nationally, there are several international beauty pageants as well, and countries participating in it take great pride. However, it must be mentioned here that the beauty pageants themselves do have a fair share of controversy about them as well. But that is a topic for another day. Today, we will be talking about a list of countries that possess highest number of beauty pageants and titles. These events have a global following and the winners of such pageants such as the miss world and miss universe, get to enjoy a lot of perks in the glamor world. And also there are strict regulations for participating in such events, and judging process is extremely strict as well. And also, it should be mentioned here that these events do not pass judgement on the basis of beauty alone, many other things are taken into consideration as well.

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