11 Best Countries in Renewable Energy


Perhaps the most important resource on our planet is energy. And by no means, the energy reserve on our planet is limitless. Eventually we will run out of the energy source that we depend on the most at present, and that energy source is the fossil fuel reserve of our planet. We use this invaluable resource in almost every aspect of our life, many countries that do not have nuclear energy, still depend solely on fossil fuel based systems to produce electricity. Most of our vehicles run on refined fossil fuel. We can say that as we are right now, we are absolutely dependent on fossil fuel. And without a breakthrough our future indeed looks bleak. However, there is good news. Every country in the world has realized that finding a long term and environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuel is absolutely necessary for humanity to survive on this planet. And in light of that many countries are investing massive amount of resource in research regarding this field. If you follow this topic, then you are already aware in the development regarding renewable energy in the world. And some countries are leading the world in this field.

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