Robotics is a frontier that humankind is desperate to explore. Many problems of the modern world can easily be dealt with breakthroughs in robotics. Industry and the military will be the highly revolutionized from robotics. Just imagine, robots performing rather hazardous tasks without question and with superhuman efficiency. In fact, some robots are being used by many organizations to perform several tasks. For example, take the assembly line of a motor vehicle manufacturing company. Though humans are still required to monitor the robots working on the assembly line, but the day when everything will be automated is not very far. It is also true in case of the military as well. Machines like the UAV (Unmanned Arial Vehicle) is allowing operators to perform reconnaissance and even combat sorties deep behind enemy lines, without putting the operator in harm’s way.  Many countries around the world is pressing the research in this particular field. And where we are at the moment, we can certainly say, that it will not take much longer for any of these countries to achieve the major breakthrough that will eliminate the line between science fact and science fiction in terms of robotics.

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