Today, most of the world’s population dwells in cities or urban areas. Our way of life has changed or rather it has been changing in a way, that to move forward in life, a person has much better chance in urban areas than in rural areas. Naturally, every country in the world, is experiencing huge urbanization and also, cities across the globe are swelling up with more and more people looking for a better shot at life. Therefore, the world is currently facing the problem of accommodating this city bound sea of people in a way that it does not become a hindrance in the way of progress. And that is where urban planning comes in. Successful urban planning must take into account a lot of things and changes that may or may not occur far into future. I mean, you can imagine what happens if there is a flaw in planning, you can expect heavy traffic jams, shortages of water, shelter, accommodation and every other kind, in city areas. And when that happens, you got yourself a recipe for disaster. These are ideal conditions for ensuring free reign of corruption and crime. Many countries are suffering from this as we speak. But many countries, have managed to avoid such situations by proper urban planning.

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