11 Best Countries Without Extradition To US, UK, Canada, and Australia


Let’s begin by talking about term for a little bit. The word extradition means one jurisdiction asks another jurisdiction for physical custody of a person, who may have committed a crime in that jurisdiction. So basically, if you commit a crime in one country, and manage to flee the country, unless the country you have fled to has a extradition treaty with the pursuing country, they cannot lay a finger on you. Now, that does not mean we want you to commit a crime, this article is just for spreading the knowledge. The subject matter is pretty interesting, and we though we ought to share it with our readers. Although, I must admit that there are records of countries agreeing on an extradition process despite having no previous treaties or contracts. However, chances of that happening is pretty small and unless the crime is grave enough a criminal can live the life of a normal person in a foreign country. The article is done pretty well, and it shows how meticulous our researchers are when putting these articles together. If you have a couple of minutes to spare, I guarantee you that you will not regret taking a look at it.

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