11 Best Crime Documentaries To Stream on Netflix in 2015


Ever since the advent of the internet, media consumption has been growing at a very high rate. And the smartphones just took this to a whole new level. In fact, statistics show that all over the world people consume more media over the internet than televisions. And naturally, to capitalize upon such a profitable prospect, many entrepreneurs came up with revolutionary ideas. And one such Idea is “Netflix”. Since you are reading through this article, you are probably well versed in Netflix already. But let me give a brief description of Netflix anyway. Netflix is an on-demand provider of hundreds of popular television shows and movies that you can stream instantly. Of course, for a small fee, but the facilities it offers are well worth your money. There is no download, no waiting, no adverts. And to top it all off, you get the flexibility to access Netflix across a wide range of platforms. Including but not limited to, modern gaming consoles. So, if you are into Netflix and looking for some quality entertainment, I must recommend that you read through the full article. As the title suggests, it lists some awesome crime documentaries that aired this year.

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