11 Best Educational Documentaries on Netflix Streaming in 2015


If you are a resident of North America or the select few European countries, where Netflix offers its services. Then you probably do not need an introduction of Netflix. However, many of our readers reside outside of those areas, so I would just give a brief description of Netflix any way. Netflix is primarily a video streaming website, where you can watch videos if you subscribe. Unlike YouTube, where all the contents are user generated, Netflix offers a wide variety of professionally made video content. Ranging from original serials to documentaries. All in all, Netflix has a huge collection of all sorts of video content for its users. That being said, today we are going to talk about some extraordinary documentaries that are offered exclusively on Netflix. We have done a series of articles on Netflix documentaries and this one is a continuation. As the name suggests today we will be compiling a list of educational documentaries that are available on Netflix right now. And previously, we have done several articles, that focus on other subjects, you might also want to check them out.

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