11 Best Electronic Cigarette Brands


Smoking is a very bad habit to have. Depending on your brand of choice, it can be rather costly as well. Also, you will be doing harm to anyone near you while you smoke and needless to say yourself. Passive smoking poses a real danger to those who live with you that means in most cases your family. Smoking is perhaps the most common substance addiction, there is, but its implications are fatal. That being said, I can understand how difficult it is to quit smoking all together, since I am a chain smoker myself. However, there are ways to quit smoking, and one such way is believed to be using e-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes. Though there are not many studies to prove this point, but quit smoking communities around the world firmly believe that the gradual use of electronic cigarettes can help a smoker quit this bad habit. But, electronic cigarettes are also harmful to us, but in comparison with regular cigarettes these electronic cigarettes are far less hazardous to human health. There are currently quite a lot of electronic cigarette manufacturers operating in the world today. And if you are a smoker who is willing to quit smoking actively then I suggest you stick around for a little while longer.

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