11 Best Fashion Documentaries on Netflix Streaming in 2015


If anything, Netflix is famous for its documentaries. I am sure since you have shown interest in this article, you are probably aware of what Netflix is and probably you are already a subscriber to their services as well. However, we do have readers from all over the globe, who may not reside in the regions that Netflix provides its services to. Therefore, please let me give you a brief introduction of Netflix. Basically Netflix is a website like YouTube that provides video streaming services over internet. But, Netflix is a subscription based website, and you have to pay to watch their content. So, in theory, the content available on Netflix is far better on average, compared to other such free websites. As the contents are usually made by skilled professionals with the commercial aspect in mind. Now that being said, if you are a fashion enthusiast, which you probably are whether you are a subscriber to Netflix or not, you ought to get your hands on the documentaries that made our list. Because, in terms of entertainment and educational value, the documentaries that made our list are unmatched. These should be included in every fashion enthusiast’s private collection of such documentaries.

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