11 Best Free Android Games of 2015


Gone are the days, when one had to sit down in front of the TV set and power up the gaming console to enjoy his/her favorite video games, or had to visit the arcade in order to do that. Today, it is the era of the smartphone revolution. Manufacturers are coming up with extremely powerful hand held computers every year. And these new wonder gadgets have become so much more than just a phone. The implications for having such a powerful device at ones finger tips is enormous, however, we will be focusing on only the device’s gaming potential for this article.

As the processing power of handheld devices reaches new heights, so does its ability to handle complex applications or apps. And video games are just that, complex applications. There have always been mobile gaming devices, but nothing have ever come close to what the android smartphones have achieved today. While we wait on queue or en route to some place, what do we do? As it turns out, most of us really like to play games on our smartphones. A good smartphone today can really provide great graphics and sound quality. And game developers have been working hard on capturing this market with their product. This has resulted in some awesome video games that are just too hard to put down.

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