Way before the days of smartphones and computers, headphones were a common periphery for electronic equipment like the radio or the Sony’s revolutionary “walkman” portable audio cassette players in the late 1970s. And still to this day, headphones are a must have for any music lover or gamer alike. Now that most us live in a densely packed apartment buildings, cranking up the volume whenever you feel like listening to your favorite song is no longer an option. Alongside our passion for music we must also have to respect our neighbors. But with a good enough headphone, we can burst our eardrums wide open if we so choose, without disturbing the neighbors at all, though it is not recommended. And for gamers, especially those who like to play first person shooters, having a good noise canceling headphone really helps, it gives them heightened situational awareness and serves as an early warning since you will be able to listen to an enemy’s approaching footsteps. I myself am a gamer, and I know how crucial it is to have that information of an approaching threat and also its direction.

If you are on a budget, and really want a good headphone to meet your needs, I highly recommend that you check out our article about 11 Best Headphones Under $100. The headphones listed here will not be the most high-tech options you can get these days, but they will help you out greatly, whether it is your gaming need or love for music. Just click on the link to access the full article.