11 Best Karaoke Songs For Tenors


If you are aware of your vocal range, then this article just might be the thing you want to read. Well, one time or another you are going to have to pick up the mic and sing at a karaoke party. Given that in a karaoke party no one expects you to sing like Frank Sinatra and win everybody over. Regardless, you want to show off what ever skills you have. There is no point in wasting your potential for singing. If you know your vocal range, then picking a song specific to that vocal range will make it much easier for you to sing the song and the audience will just absolutely love to listen to it as well. The feeling you get when you see a room full of crowd singing along and cheering you up is something you need to experience, this is the very reason everyone wants to be a rock star growing up, and not the money or girls. Anyway, in this article we will be talking about the songs fit for tenors. If you know your vocal range, and you fall into the tenor category, then keep on reading.

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