You will be surprised to know that even in the developed world, one can still find the existence of racism, sexism or some other kind of weird way of discriminating people just for being what they are. It is extremely inhumane to discriminate or mock or make fun of people for something they did not choose for themselves. That being said, the good news is this narrow mindset is on the decline, and all over the world, people are pushing away all the prejudices and accepting the new and the tolerant ideology of being human. We are a one single species and with just one planet that we all call home, the sooner people grasp this fact the better for humanity. Once upon a time it was universally thought that women cannot work jobs, they need to and have to stay at home. But thankfully those days lie in the distant past, in the modern world, women are a generally accepted part of the workforce and are doing jobs that were previously a male dominated affair. Today we have for our readers is a list of high paying jobs for women in America.

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