11 Best Places to Live in Europe in 2018


We wouldn’t be wrong to say that life would be absolutely perfect if we were living in one of 11 best places to live in Europe in 2018!

Oh, dare to disagree? Have an exotic country on your mind? Well, that’s all nice and neat, but such countries are usually quite low on the life standard index lists, and they have poor health and safety ranking. On the other hand, there’s Europe! It’s a matter of pride for people from other continents to say they’ve been here. “I’ve been to Europe,” or “I did some traveling around Europe” are statements everyone will be envious of. If you even decide to live in one, there’s a general opinion you’re living your life to the fullest. Europe is a synonym for organization, order and rich history. Basically, Europe is one big sightseeing continent.

Insider Monkey gave us plenty of reasons to think these places could be the best to settle down. As you will see, the cities also belong to the lists of expats’ favorites (especially American expats). English speaking level is more than satisfactory. Interestingly enough, the cities are recommendable to both families with children and young students in their 20s. Since they are capitals or one of the most populous cities in the country, they represent the cultural and business centers, so there’s something for everyone.

Last but not the least, there are plenty of interesting facts waiting for you. Did you know Germany is very admired for its ballet? What citizens are said to have no sex, and no future (don’t worry, it’s only a joke)?

We believe this is more than enough for you to seriously consider moving to 11 best places to live in Europe in 2018!